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  • ​Heilig, J., Brewer, T. J., & White, T., (in press) What instead?: Reframing the debate about charter schools, Teach For America, and testing. In R. Ahlqvist, P., C. Gorski, & T. Montano (Eds.) Assault on kids and teachers: Countering privatization, deficit ideologies and standardization of U.S. schools. New York, NY: Peter Lang.

  • Brewer, T. J., & Cody, A., (2014). Teach For America, the neoliberal alternative to teacher professionalism.  In J.A. Gorewski, B. Porfilio, D. A. Gorlewski, & J. Hopkins (Eds.) Effective or wise? Teaching and the meaning of professional dispositions in education (p. 77-914). New York, NY: Peter Lang.