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Teach For All Counter-Narratives: International Perspectives on a Global Reform Movement.  Coming soon from Peter Lang.


Teach For All Counter-Narratives: International Perspectives on a Global Reform Movement (Under Contract with Peter Lang). 

Editors: T. Jameson Brewer, Kathleen deMarrais, and Kelly McFaden

Founded in 1989, Teach for America (TFA) has grown into a massive organization with a presence across the United States and with the broader exportation of neoliberal education reform ideologies, Teach For All (TFAll) has expanded to 46 countries across the globe.  This book will coincide with the 10th anniversary of the launch of TFAll.

This book is a sequel to
Teach For America Counter-Narratives: Alumni Speak Up and Speak Out, the first collection of counter-narratives from a diverse group of TFA alumni. The book pulled back the curtain on TFA’s recruitment and training practices, TFA’s approach to diversity, and TFA’s approach to criticism and critics of the organization.  In part due to counter-narratives and critiques like these, the domestic version of TFA has seen a decrease in their recruitment. However, the international version of TFAll continues to expand.  There is a growing body of academic scholarship focused on the exportation of reform movements globally – including TFAll – yet, there remains a need to hear directly and in depth from those affiliated with and/or directly impacted by TFA.

In an effort to continue to highlight counter-narratives, this volume will provide a collection of stories from current and former TFAll corps members. We would also consider narratives of parents of TFAll corps members and teachers/administrators whose schools partner with TFAll.  In an effective marketing campaign, TFA/TFAll employs narratives from supportive corps members and organizations who follow approved talking points.  To counter this TFA/TFAll controlled narrative, this volume will provide necessary counter-narratives that need to be heard.

Proposals might highlight overall or specific experiences with recruitment/application into TFAll, training experiences, placement experiences, leaving TFAll, etc. and authors need not be affiliated with a university.  We plan to include chapters presenting policy implications of TFAll within the global education reform landscape and we welcome such proposals.  Proposals/abstracts should be between 1-2 pages clearly explaining the focus of the proposed chapter.  Final chapters, if accepted, will be approximately 10-12 pages.

Below is the schedule:

Proposals due by July 15, 2018
Confirmation of selected chapters by July 30, 2018
Contributors will have first drafts completed by September 15, 2018
The editors will review these first drafts, and provide detailed comments and suggestions by November 1, 2018
Final drafts will be due December 1, 2018
Final publication scheduled for Spring of 2019

Please submit proposals to Jameson Brewer at using the subject line: Teach For All Chapter Proposal